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Schwanke Tractor Parts

Schwanke Tractor, Truck and Combine parts has a wide variety of new and rebuilt parts for your tractors, combines, trucks and vehicles.

Our large stock includes:

Tires + Tubes
Many tires for farm, industrial, and Truck. Available in hard to find sizes. Tractor front and rear. Both new and used.

Front and rear. New and used. For tractor, truck, and combine. Hard to find sizes. Large selection.

Schwanke Tractor Parts Large selection of new and rebuilt for tractors and combine.

Cylinder Heads
New and rebuilt.

Three Points and Hitch Parts
Complete three point conversions for many tractors. Parts for most tractors including draft arms, third links, sway blocks, linkages, and drawbars.

Starters and Generators
Large inventory of rebuilt starters and generators. Also have solenoids, regulators, starter drives, starter ring gears, starter buttons, and ignition switches.

New Wide Fronts
Distributors for Schwartz wide fronts. Including regular duty and heavy duty wide fronts.

Wide Front Parts
Schwanke Tractor Parts Extremely wide selection of spindles, hubs, tie rod ends and tubes, knees, bearings, and seals.

PTO Parts
For tractors and trucks. Shafts, yokes, crosses, and shields.

Large selection for tractors and trucks. Also have gaskets and pipes.

Distributors for Stanley mufflers. We stock a full line of Stanley Mufflers. Also have clamps and rain caps and pipes.

Many new original style tractor gauges for that restoration project.

Schwanke Tractor Parts Distributors and Magnetos
New, rebuilt, and used distributors and Magnetos. We also repair magnetos. New points, condensers, caps, rotors, sparkplugs, plug wires, and coils.

Hydraulic Parts
Distributors for Cross Hydraulic cylinders. We have a large inventory of cylinders, pumps, controls, fittings, and hoses. Also large selection of seals and orings.

Combine Parts
Distributors for Loewen. We stock sieves, chaffers, strawalkers, pickup belts, concaves, cylinder bars, augers, tubes, feeder chains, final drives, cornhead snouts, belts, and elevator chains.

Steering Wheels
Large selection of new steering wheels to fit most tractors.

Tire chains
We stock a large inventory of chains for tractors, trucks, and skidsteers.

Tractor lights
Original style lights for older tractors.

Battery boxes
Wide variety of battery boxes.

Schwanke Tractor Parts Large selection of fenders.

New seats, cushions, and buckets.

Rebuilt pressure plates, friction discs, and new throwout bearings.

King Kutter
Distributors for King Kutter finish mowers, brush cutters, discs, and blades and parts.

DCT Trailers
Distributors for Dressen Custom Trailer. Also parts.

Presses, Air Compressors, Jacks, Cherry Pickers, Engine stands, Posi Lock Pullers, Grinders, Drill Presses, Saws, and large selection of sockets wrenches and other hand tools.

Wide variety of batteries for any application including car, truck, tractor, and industrial.

Misc. Tractor Parts
Large inventory of flywheels, brakes, crankshafts, pto shields, decals, gas tanks, John Deere side screens, panels and grill screens.

Grade 70 transport chain in bulk. Can cut to any length. Binders, and hooks.

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